A Unique Collection


The idea of the RUSKIN company was born in England out of a desire to create a unique collection of bags that would harness the potential in the wool of the rare breed Herdwick sheep, reared on the mountains of the English Lake District. Our intention is to create a collection of elegant lifestyle pieces that speak of quality in modern design, innovation and true craftsmanship, using our own unique custom-blend tweed. 

Our vision is to combine this material with the finest Italian craft leathers to produce a skillfully executed collection of modern classics. Italy and England have always been renowned worldwide for the highest standards in leather craftsmanship and tweed making respectively. At RUSKIN we hold the greatest esteem for these hand crafted arts and we aspire to play a role in protecting their legacy.

All RUSKIN bags are designed and developed with passion and manufactured with precision by traditional bag makers in Italy. By fine-tuning the formula of quality, tradition and luxury our bags appeal to the design conscious, discerning customer who appreciates enduring elegance and self assured style.


RUSKIN is a small independent team with an innovative spirit, passionate about quality design and traditional craftsmanship. We believe in the use of natural, sustainable materials and the quality inherent in them. 


We believe in the high class artistry in traditional bag making and specifically the skillful execution of our exclusive materials to create elegant lifestyle pieces. We remain faithful to our intention to have all our bags hand made and to this end all RUSKIN designs are crafted using age-old techniques passed down from previous generations. 

The vision for RUSKIN is led by Alli, who has a passion for innovating on design using a fabric she has created to meet modern design rigor. Originally from the Lake District in Northern England, Alli draws a lot of her inspiration from the colours and landscapes of that region to give RUSKIN bags their charismatic individuality.